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We are a Film Production House operating for over 20 years. Our work involves the Production & Direction of Advertising films, Corporate films, Digital advertising, Documentaries, Web series, Television shows, and Line production for Feature films.

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Storyboard 18 features Atomberg Fan TVCs among the most watchable TVCs on channels.

Our film for Marriott International, Singapore, won Silver for Asia-Pacific PR campaign of the year.

Indigo PU Enamel is the Most Liked Campaign: Chrome Optimal+ WK 12

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I want to express a heartfelt gratitude to Jhelum, Colage Communication on the behalf of my organisation for supporting us in making the Short film on our Udan skill development and training Centre. We had very little time in our hand to make this film when I approached her for it. But without any further delay she immediately accepted the challenge and agreed to come on board. She laid out the plan in a super-fast motion and yet worked out all the smallest possible details with a proper schedule keeping the time frame in mind. She immediately put the plan in action and got her team working on it on the priority basis. Even most importantly she offered her expertise and services for this project without charging us a single penny for it. Her team was also very cooperative and responsive. They ensured that all the work was done in a time-bound manner and the film was ready well in advance as we wanted to screen it during the show. We had a wonderful time working with Colage Communication. They are extremely professional but at the same time really kind & compassionate. I will always recommend Jhelum Ratna and her Colage Communication to my contacts for any and every type of films to be made.

Kevval Hariya Founder Udaan Entertainment Group, Founder Trustee and President Udan Foundation NGO

The Indigo Dhoni-Zebro PU Enamel TVC has been voted the most liked TVC in a survey of 34,000 homes! Congrats, team Colage!

Rajeev Badve Creative Director at Chlorophyll Brand Consultancy

Concept and me have had the pleasure to have worked and professionally interacted with Colage multiple times. Ginu, Jhelum and Team have always made impossible deadlines and budgets look easy. Their energy and positive vibe have made pre-production, shoots and post-production really smooth for the agency as well as the client. Their considerable experience and expertise helps get the ad together and make it memorable. I wish them a great 2020 and hope that they shine bigger and brighter this year.

Rachanah Roy Chief Integration Officer & National Creative Director at Concept Communication.

There are two kinds of professional service providing organisations: those who attitudinally sit on the opposite side of the table, and those who sit on the same side as the client. Colage falls in the second category. I have had the privilege of working with Colage and Jhelum since 1991, when I was a fledgling Creative Director in Lintas. While that unfortunately gives away the closely guarded secret of my old age, it also allows me a vantage point: nothing has changed since then! Jhelum’s commitment to pre-production remains unchanged (meticulous), her ability to maintain equanimity under stress remains unchanged, her ability to customize the solution to the actual business need remains unchanged, the teams humility, humour and smiling demeanours remain unchanged. Chlorophyll, the brand consultancy, I co-founded in 1999, continues to work with Colage. And, one last thing. Colage’s commitment to ethics is exemplary in an industry where ‘commissions’ are the norm rather than the exception. Thank you Colage and thank you Jhelum, for reaffirming our faith in the adage, “Good guys finish first!”

Kiran Khalap Co-founder & Managing Director at Chlorophyll Brand & Communications Consultancy Pvt Ltd

We have worked with Colage Communications since 2013, when we made our first ever TVC. Over the years we have worked with many other production houses from time to time, but we kept coming back to Colage. During the last two years, we have shot 6 different TVCs with them, using our brand ambassador M S Dhoni. Even Mr Dhoni has enjoyed working with the Colage team, and has found them different from other production units that he has encountered with other brands. The standout difference is the level of preparation they indulge in before the shoot day – every shot is meticulously planned in advance, with full pictorial drawings. The unit is very cohesive, and works smoothly as a team, always with a smile. They are never rushed for time, and always manage to complete the shooting well before the stipulated hours – which Mr Dhoni loves ! The post production rendering is always to our satisfaction, and on a rare occasion when we required a sequence to be re-shot, they did it without any bickering. They are very eager to incorporate the client’s viewpoints, and have valued our inputs. Some production units are more concerned about making an ad film which will win awards. We have found Colage focussed on selling the advertised product, and not overtly insistent on unnecessary creative embellishments. We have also found their ethical standards to be high – which is not very common in their line of business. We hope to continue our long association with the Colage team, and wish them the very best in their own growth story.

Hemant Jalan Managing Director at Indigo Paints Pvt Ltd

"I have been part of Jhelum’s team for four years, and have found her to be an inspiring team player & leader who is always ready to help as and when needed to complete a task. Her analytical approach and energy, which are infectious, have pushed me to think and act beyond the obvious."

Rajashshri Lele Marketing Analyst at Cole-Parmer

"Jhelum was the producer and director of all the ad films for P&G's Pantene shampoo for over 3 years because of her expertise in hair and personal care. Both, the client at P&G and the agency Grey, had very exacting requirements of fresh, creative and innovative ways to showcase hair within tough timelines and economic budgets. And she met those time and again and many a times excelled. I worked as the account supervisor on Pantene shampoo at Grey. Averaging at a new ad every quarter, I was working closely with her continuously on the pre-production, production or post-production of one film or another. She was consistent on meeting all requirements, great quality and time. We went on to become friends and I eventually joined her to work and develop her business over 7 years. Today, Jhelum has evolved into a greatly effective producer of ad films, documentaries, music videos, TV shows, allowing her directors to do their best and delivering the best to her clients."

Sharmila Subramanium Director - Communications at Magic Bus Foundation

We are a Film Production House operating for over 20 years. Our work involves the Production & Direction of Advertising films, Corporate films, Digital advertising, Documentaries, Web series, Television shows, and Line production for Feature films.

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